Chocobo Raising Guide

A Tornado attack does serious damage

This is the chocobo raising page. To first raise chocobos, you're gonna need to buy the stalls at the chocobo farm and buy the chocobo lure if you l ost it or don't have it.

SAVE BEFORE YOU MATE YOUR CHOCOBOS AND GIVE THEM ALL TEN SYLKIS GREENS EACH!!!!! First, you must go to the golden saucer area and catch a great chocobo from there and send it to the stables.then head over to Mideel and get a good one from that area. Choco Bill(the kid in the barn that sells stuff) will tell if it is great or good. Now, go to the chocobo sage and buy Sylkis greens. A lot of them. At least 60. Or use the duplication trick in the tips and tricks section. Now go to the south of the chocobos sages place, but still on the grass and fight the red dragon-looks like a kangaroo w/ spikes. Kill/steal/morph him for a Carob nut. do this 4 times. mate your chocobos with a carob nut. if you get a blue or green one, good, if you get a yellow, reset and try again. Now, wait a while. you might want to go to the golden saucer for a little bit and race your green/blue chocobo to s class. Now leave and save again. Go to the chocobo farm and mate your 2 yellow ones again, keep on resetting till you get an opposite color and sex of your other green/blue chocobo. Now, race your new chocobo to the s class. after both your new chocobos have matured, mate them with another carob nut. you should get a black chocobo. Now go to goblin island. kill/steal/morph one for a Zeio nut. Now go to the snow-covered area and capture an extremely rare wonderful chocobo. you'll know if it is wonderful because it will have two jumping rabbits, one on each side. mate the two black and wonderful chocobos with the zeio nut and you will get a gold chocobo, if not, reset and try again.

Call upon Leviathon for a Tidal Wave

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