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welcome to MY ultimate FF7 page

Allright, i know its been a good long while since i checked in, but i am back here at the keyboard for now. I read some of the ideas in the guestbook and am going to start working on them right now. See ya around people. Oh, and one more thing. Enjoy the site

OK, we all know final fantasy seven ranks as one of ten top best games. I am trying to construct a page that will tell everything about this game.

This page is featuring a complete walkthru, tips, cheats, where and how to get Level 4 limit breaks, where and how to get the enemy skills, a materia list, how to get ribbons and tetra-elementals among other things, and how to get the "hidden" characters.

click here to see the gameshark codes
click here to see the finished Aries rumors and if you are able to revive her.
click here for some tips, tricks, cheats, and how to find the ribbons and tetra-elementals.
click here to find out about the hidden characters.
click here for the Level 4 Limit Breaks.
click here for the Enemy Skills list.
click here for the materia list.
click here for a picture of the world map.
click here for the walkthrough.
click here for the key to beat Emmerald and Ruby Weapons.
click here for the chocobo raising guide.
click here for the ultimate weapons guide.
click here for some character data.

NOTE:To those people who put down my website: If you don't like it, just go somewhere else. I am not forcing you to stay here.

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A very hearty thanks to Jenosavel, for many of her pictures. Visit her very advanced website(and extremely cool site design and pics)here.

I would like to thank Josh Harrisson, and many others since i got these pictures from their web sites.

Red 13 stands with his Father, who has been turned into stone