Level 4 Limit Breaks

Cloud's level four limit break is Omnislash. It is obtained at the Gold Saucer for 32,000 battle points(bp)
Tifa's level four limit break is Final Heaven. It is obtained at the piano in tifa's room in Nibelheim. You must play these notes: X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, L1+TRIANGLE, L1+SQUARE, X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, L1+X, CIRCLE, X, SQUARE, X. Play these notes relatively fast.
Aeris's level four limit break is Great Gospel. It is obtained from the sleeping man southwest from the marshes in the little plains area, accesible only by buggy. After you have obtained a number of battles with the last two digits the same, talk to him, after a while he will give you mithril. Take it to that guy in the lone house on the other continent. Choose the top box and you will get great gospel.
Barrett's level four limit break is Catastrophe. It is given to you if you rescue north corel from the train. Talk to everyone around towm and sooner or later, someone will give it to you.
Red XIII's level four limit break is Cosmo Memory It is found when you open the safe in Nibelheim, and defeat lost number.
Yuffie's level four limit break is All Creation. You recieve it when you fight your way to the fifth floor of the pagoda, and beat the fifth floor boss.
Vincent's level four limit break is Chaos. You find it along with his ultimate weapon, death penalty, in lucercia's cave. lucrecia's cave is under the water fall of the lake on the same continent as the gold saucer is on. Use the sub to run along the shoreline, but stay underwater, and you'll find an underwater cave. go through it, then up, and get off where the deep water touches the edge.
Cid's level four limit break is Highwind. It is in the downed wreck of the airplane, in the back room past reno and rude, in one of the treasure chests.
Cait Sith does not have a L4 limit break.

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