Tricks and Tips


here are some tips and tricks for FF7:

when i say select button, i mean the O button on the playstation controller.

1. W-item duplication-get the W-item materia(see the materia list to see where to find it) and go into battle with it. Then pick the item you want more of and use it on someone. Now, take any second item and whennyou have the choice to use it on someone, DON'T. Instead, press cancel, then open it again, then cancel... repeat this for infinite items.( you can only have 99 of each item.
2. saving-save often, you can never be to cautious. Saving after a long section of storyline is useful if you hapeen to die sometime after it.
3. quick gill-If you master an All materia or one of the pluses(speed, hp, mp, etc.) you can sell them for 1.4 million gill.
4. Megaelixir-there is a megaelixer in kalm. go to the inn and go upstairs. go to the closet and try to reach for it five times in a row. try one more time and it will fall.
5. curse ring-when you are tifa, go to mideel and cross the bridge. after a couple of times or if the first time you're lucky you will hear a creak press the select button and you will get a key. go to the weapons shop and unlock the door.(if you can't figure out which door, you shouldn't be playing this game......just kidding :))the key will break and if you tell the truth the guy will give you the curse ring.
6. How to exit the north cave-when you are at the beginning, go into the first cave at the top of your screen. go just a little right and press the select button. you will grab on to the pillar there. just climb up and you are at the top of the north cave, at the airship.
7. Sources-inside the suken gelinka ship you can morph anybody in there for sources.
8. Free Ribbons-fight the guy in the north cave with a star above his head and morph him or fight ho-chu(the second round boss in the special battle). and morph him.
9. Code for huge materia in rocket-the code for the fourth huge materia in the rocket is circle, square, X,X.
10. Hp Absorb and MP Absorb-There are only two of these each. There is one each in wutai, when you go chasing after yuffie for stealing your materia. This is the only time when you can the ones in wutai. one is in the weapons shop, where that lady was blocking the chest, she has moved. get the HP absorb. yuffie steals it from you. now continue on in the game. The second Mp absorb is in the forgotten city, when you climb down the glass stairs, it is to your left. The second Hp Absorb is in the North Cave.
11. Free tetra-Elemental-Directly south of Cosmo Canyon, near the bottom of the map, is an island that does not show up on the map. Land there and go into the desert. Fight the cactus guy and morph him you get a tetra-elemental.
12. Instantly kill Gi-NattackWhen you fight Gi-Nattack, you can use a phoenix down to kill him instantly.It sometimes misses, though, so don't give up, or use a hi-Potion to deal some serious damage.
13. Fort Condor- there is a summon materia at Fort Condor, as well as some good materia for sale after the battle scene to get the huge materia.
14. Man in Rocket Town-in the first disc, talk to the man looking at the rocket. he will give you the yoshiyuki after looking at the rocket with him twice. In the second or third disc, talk to him twice and he will give you the venus gospel(cid's awesome ultimate weapon!!!)
15. Cosmo Canyon back room-in the third disc, you can go to cosmo canyon and to the items shop and you can go into the room that was blocked before, and get the full cure materia, among other useful items.
16. Free chocobo lure-at the chocobo farm, if you lost or sold your chocobo lure, you can get another one to the right of where you enter.
17. Lucky sevens- if you can somehow get one of your charcter's hp to 7777, in your next battle you will attack continually with 7777 hp damage to the enemy for 64 times. after the battle, your hp drops to one. The perfect way to get it is:1) get your HP below 154. 2)equip the cat's bell and walk around any place that doesn't have enemies. 3) stop walking when your HP gets to 154. 4) Now enter battle, use laser on yourself, then run away.5) use a curative item to get the 7777, such as 15 Hi-Potions and two regular potions.
18. Triple-Materia growth- the two items that can give you triple AP growth are the apocalypse and the Scimitar (cloud can equip the 1st and cid can equip the 2nd). The apocalypse is found in the Ancient Forest, which is south-southeast of cosmo canyon, high on a mountain. It is in one of the treasure chests near the end. The Scimitar is found in the underwater reactor, where you recieve the submarine, and it is in one of the treasure chests on the docks.

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