Sephiroth is alive?!

Rumors for Aries

Rumor #1: Aries can be brought back by collecting 450 1/35 soldiers and taking them to the man who gave you the Mythril. He will give you a Sephiroth or Aries clone.
What is Wrong with it #1: Somehow, the people who came up w/ this rumor neglected to realize that your inventory can only hold 99 1/35 soldiers
Rumor #2: If you morph Emerald Weapon, and take the item to a man in some village (note they don't say WHICH village, which leaves flying all the way around the world), then he will give you a bottle with a fairy in it. If you take this bottle to the spot where aries was buried, and use it, the fairy will grant you a wish to bring Aries back to life.
What is Wrong with it #2: I don't know, but it seems very farfetched. I am not even sure that Emerald Weapon even morphs into anything.
Rumor #3: you must have each character, including Yuffie and Vincent, at level 99. Before Aeris dies, Cloud will confront Sephiroth and she will live.
What is Wrong with it #3: I have had all of my characters at level 99 before they live midgar and (no suprise) IT DOESNT WORK.
Rumor #4:
if you play aries' theme on tifa's piano or on the piano in the shinra mansion, her ghost will appear. If you leave, and go to the place where she was buried, she will follow you, and then re-enter her body, and come back to re-join your party. What is Wrong with it #4: The people who came up with this did not know that aries' theme cannot be played on either piano; the notes are too high.

I was looking for more rumors when I stumbled across this quote "SQUARESOFT HAS DENIED, IN WRITING, THAT THERE IS NO WAY THAT ARIES CAN BE RESURRECTED. ok, this means that if someone found a way to resurect aries(without a gameshark), Squaresoft would literally lose money, because that could be considered a false claim and they could be sued. Now, don't you think that they are smarter than that? OK, i will still accept rumors that some people put in the guest book and try them out when i have a chance, but i am pretty much done, unless I hear one that makes sense. looking for ways to revive aries. now, if you will excuse me, I am going to get about a week of sleep. good day.

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