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Ok, this is the materia list. It will tell you how many orbs there are, where to find them, and what they do. Most of the Materia List is in order, so its real easy to find what your looking for.

Magic Materia

(When your materia goes up a level, you can still cast spells from earlier levels)

There are 21 different magic materia orbs.
Barrier casts, on the first level, barrier. Barrier lowers physical damage for a limited time. On the second level it cats MBarrier. Mbarrier lowers Magic damage for a limited time. On the third level it casts Reflect, which will reflect all spells back to the enemy. On the fourth level you are able to cast wall, which is a combination of both barrier and Mbarrier. Available in Rocket Town.
Comet casts, on the first level, a comet to fall on the enemies. Comet2 causes mutiple comets to hit the enemy with less accuracy. This materia can be found in the Forgotten City, the house with fish in it.
Contain casts powerful techniques of Ice, Earth, Wind, and Fire. It is like this in levels,1: Freeze(sometimes causes Stop),2: Break(sometimes causes Petrify),3:Tornado(sometimes causes Confuse),4:Flare. Recieve after Lifestream in Mideel, give the white chocobo in the west(you have to jump across, i believe) a Mimmett Green and scratch it behind its ears.
Destruct casts, on the first level Debarrier. Debarrier brings down the enemy's barriers. The next level casts DeSpell. Despell removes the effects of indirect spells and statuses: Regen, haste, slow, stop, resist, and death-sentence. The third level casts Death. Death will instantly kill an enemy, but often misses. Recieve from sephiroth in the Basement of the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim.
Earth casts Quake one, two, and three. These are all gravity-based attacks. Available in Kalm and costa del sol.
Exit Level one of this materia will allow parties to escape from battle. Level two of this materia will transport your enemies into another dimension(doesn't always work), or if you cast it on yourself, it will teleport you instantly out of the battle. Found in Rocket town, disc 2-3 only.
Fire casts fire one, two, and three. All of these are fire-based attacks. Available at mideel, wall market fort condor, and costa del sol. It also comes with Red 13.
Full Cure casts, on level one nothing. one level two, it casts a healing spell that heals you to the max. Go to the weapons shop in Cosmo Canyon in disc 2-3 and go to where the barrier was. it is there with some other useful items.
Gravity casts Demi. Demi romoves 1/4 of the enemy's hp. Demi 2 removes 1/2 of an enemy's hp. Demi 3 removes 3/4 of the enemy's hp. Found at the Cave of the Gi.
Heal casts poisona(cures poison)on the first level, Esuna(cures any and all status ailments)on the second level, and resist(Makes you immune to all changes)on the third level. Available at Gongaga, Kalm, and Junon.
Ice casts Ice one at Level one, two at Level two, and three at Level three. These are all Ice-Based attacks. Available at Wall Market, Costa Del Sol, Fort Condor, and Mideel. Comes with cloud.
Lightning casts Lightning one at Level one, two at Level two, and three at Level three. These are all Electrical-Based attacks. Available at Wall Market, Costa del sol, Condor Fort, and Mideel. comes with cloud.
Mystify casts Confuse on level one, and Beserk on Level two. Available at Cosmo Canyon and Gongaga.
Poison casts Bio on level one, Bio2 on level two, and Bio3 on level three. These all affect the enemy with poison that continually affects their HP. Available at Kalm Town, Costa Del Sol, and the Shinra HQ 68th floor.
Restore casts cure on level one, cure2 on level two, Regen on Level three, and Cure3 on level four. These are all healing spells. Available at Sector 5 Slums,Wall Market, Mideel, Fort Condor, Costa Del Sol, and Mako Reactor #1.
Revive casts Life on level one, and Life two on level two. Both of these are Reviving spells. Available at Junon Town, Gongaga, and Costa Del Sol.
Seal casts sleep on level one, and silence on level two. Available at Junon Town and Costa Del Sol.
Shield casts nothing on level one. Shield on level two. Found in the Northern Crater(disc 3).
Time casts haste on level one, slow on level two, and stop on level three. Available at Gongaga Town and Rocket Town.
Transform casts Mini on level one, and Toad on level two. Available at North Corel, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, Mideel, Mt. Corel, and Cait Sith.
Ultima casts nothing on level one. Ultima on level two. Found in North Corel, if you save the Town from the train.

Support Materia

There are 13 Support Materia. Every support materia must be coupled to have an effect on you.
Added Cut adds an extra normal attack to the materia paired with it. Found at the Great Glacier; look on the 2nd screen of the northern 'switching crossroads' path.
Added Affect adds effect to weapon or armor. Found at Cave of the Gi.
Steal-in-Addition steals while coupled with another materia when that materia is used. Beyond the fires in the mountain behind wutai.
All makes a certain attack effect all enemies. Fort Condor, Sector 7 Slums, Shinra Building, the cargo ship you trvel on to get from continent to continent, Nibel Mountain, and the Ice Gate.
Command Counter Wearing this will make your character counterattack with the attached materia. Can support any command materia except Enemy Skill and Master Command. Northern Crater. Look for it in the area with trees and the patch of shiny light.
Elemental adds the elemental attribute of the materia it is coupled with. found at Corel Mountain, Shinra Building( get the mayor's question right on the first try), and Nibelhiem.
Final Attack when you die, you can cast one more spell/summon. you can use it 1-5 times, depending how high you have built this materia. Beat Proud Clod in the Secret Duel in the Battle Arena.
HP Absorb when you cast a certain spell, it will give you 1/10 of the HP damage done to the enemy, to heal you. Found at the Northern Crater.
Magic Counter counters with spell when attacked 30-100% of the time, depending how high you have raised the levels on this materia. Gold Saucer chocobo square prize.
MP Absorb absorbs 1/100 of the damage done to the enemy when the spell coupled with this materia is used. Found at Wutai(in a treasure chest)during yuffie's subquest.
MP Turbo uses 10-50% MP and does 10-50% more damage. Found at the Temple of the Ancients.
Quadra Magic casts the same spell four times, selecting random attackers in battle. find in the Mideel area Mountain Cave. Requires a Green or Blue Chocobo starting on the Mideel Continent.
Sneak Attack has a 20-80% chance of working, and will use the materia paired with before anyone attacks. Gold Saucer Chocobo square prize.

Independent Materia.

There are 17 Independent Materia.
Chocobo Lure attracts chocobos when you walk on their tracks. Available and Find at Chocobo Farm.
Counter Attack counter attacks when hit, the chance raises when you build up the materia. Find after Beating the Materia Keeper in Mount. Nibel. Gold Saucer chocobo square prize.
Cover raises defense increase and protects other characters. Find in Aries Garden by her house and wall market.
Enemy Away Fight less enemies randomly, Luck +1. Chocobo Racing Prize.
Enemy Lure Fight more enemies randomly, Luck -1. Trade at Battle Square for 250 BP.
Exp. Plus Experience Plus. 2,000 GP at the Wonder Square. Simlar to Gil Plus, except for EXP.
Gil Plus Gil up in battles. 1,000 GP at the Wonder Square. Level one is 1.5 Gil, Level two is doubled.
HP Plus Maximum HP up10-50%. Available in Cosmo Canyon and Mideel Village.
HP<->MP Exchanges MP and HP levels. Found at North Corel Mountain Cave Area. Rquires a Black Chocobo. Cross the Sand.
Long Range Same attack power from the back row. Up the Vines in Mythril Mine.
Luck Plus Luck up 10-50%. Find in Temple of the Ancients.
Magic Plus increases your magic score10-50%. Cave beyond the forgotton capital. the long ladder. search near the bottom.
Mega-All is like the All materia, except it Alls every one of your materia. In the Northern cave, be sure to at least send 3 people down each road.
MP Plus Maximum MP up10-50%. Available in Cosmo Canyon and Mideel.
Pre-Emptive Makes a Pre-Emptive Attack 20-80% more possible. Gold Saucer Battle Square.
Speed Plus Dexterity up10-50%. Trade for 4,000 BP at Battle Square.
Underwater Removes the Time Limit for battling the Emerald Weapon. Trade with kalm traveler with a Guide Book.

Command Materia

There are 13 Command Materia.
DeathBlow lands a high dealing damage hit on an enemy, but has a higher chance of missing. Find at road near GonGaga, Fort Condor, and Rocket Town.
Double Cut Does 2x cut on the first level, does 4x cut on the second level. Find at Crashed Gelinka Plane, in the room before the Save Point.
Enemy Skill Materia needed to get and use the Enemy Skills. Found at the Chocobo Sage, talk to the Chocobo, find in Shinra HQ th 68th floor, the lost city of the ancients, and Junon.
Manipulate Manipulates an enemy, able to do the enemy's attacks on himself and other enemies. won't always work. Comes with Cait Sith. Buy at Fort Condor and Rocket Town.
Mime able to Mime the last attack that you or your allies did against the enemies. You can't imitate their Limit Breaks, though(Although you can imitate your own!). Find at Cave South of Wutai, you need a green Chocobo.
Morph able to morph enemies into items, if you kill them while using morph. Find in Temple of the Ancients.
Sense able to see the enmy's HP/MP/Weakness/Level. Find Sector 6 PlayGround, Junon, and Kalm.
Slash-All gives you the ability to do Slash-All on the first level, and Flash on the second Level. Find in the Ancient Forest.
Steal Gives you the ability to steal, on the first level, and Mug on the Second Level. Find in the Midgar Sewers and Kalm Town.
Throw gives you the ability to Throw weapons on the first level. On the second level it gives you the ability to throw money. Comes with Yuffie. buy at Fort Condor and Rocket Town.
W-Item gives you the ability to use two items in one turn. Go 15 screens back when you are on the Midgar tracks, when you parachute into midgar at the end of disc2.
W-Magic Lets you cast 2 spells in one turn. Find in the northern Crater. Look near the trees in the area with the light.
W-Summon Lets you cast 2 summons in one turn. Trade in the Battle Square for 64,000 BP in the Gold Saucer.

Summon Materia

There are 16 Summon Materia.
Alexander is a Holy-type attack.(interesting, he is the only Holy attack in the game) He can be found after defeating Snow in Great Glacier. First touch the hot springs.
Bahamut is a Non-Blockable elemental Damage Summon Monster. After defeating Red Dragon in Temple of the Ancients, it is floating right behind/beside you.
Bahamut ZERO is a stronger version of Neo Bahamut. Get both Neo Bahamut and Bahamut, and go talk to the Blue huge Materia in Cosmo Canyon.
Choco/Mog is the first summon in the game. Talk to the Chocobo in the fence in the Chocobo Farm and Go "Warrrrrk!".
Hades is the Mythical God of the UnderWorld. He can be found near the helicoptor in the sunken Gelinka Ship.
Ifrit is a very good summon to get in this part of the game. You get it after beating Jenova birth.
Kjata does multiple types of attacks in one turn. He is found in the sleeping forest, just walk through there andlook to the left of you about halfway through. Grab the moving red dot and you will be awarded KJATA.
Knights of the Round is the most powerful summon in the game. It can be found on Round Island, but you need a Gold chocobo and need to head over to the way NorthEast corner of the map.
Leviathan is the Mythical Water God of the Sea in folklore and legend. He can be found after defeating Godo in the tower of the Emperor, he is given to Yuffie.
Neo Bahamut is a stronger version of Bahamut. He can be Found in the Whirlwind Maze, in a little nook.
Odin is the summon that is one of the best to watch. It can be found in the safe in the Shinra Mansion, after defeating Lost Number.
Phoenix is a unique summon, it revives you as well as does damage to the enemy. You can find it at Fort Condor, look closely and carefully outside, when the egg has finished hatching.
Ramuh is a lightning summon. It can be found inside the chocobo racing room, when you have just escaped from the Desert.
Shiva is the mythical Ice queen. It is given to you by priscilla in Junon, when you save her life.
Typoon is a summon with two heads......literally. It can be found in the Ancient Forest.

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