Gameshark Codes

Run chocobo, Run
Infinite HP&MP All Characters                      8009c764 270f
                                                   8009c768 03e7
                                                   8009c7e8 270f
                                                   8009c7ec 03e7
                                                   8009c86c 270f 
                                                   8009c870 03e7
                                                   8009c974 270f
                                                   8009c978 03e7
                                                   8009cb00 270f
                                                   8009cb04 03e7
                                                   8009ca7c 270f
                                                   8009ca80 03e7
                                                   8009c8f0 270f
                                                   8009c8f4 03e7
                                                   8009cb84 270f
                                                   8009cb88 03e7
                                                   8009c9f8 270f
                                                   8009c9fe 03e7

Infinite Chocobo Stamina While Racing 800B7634 270F
Cloud: Infinite HP 8009C764 270F
Cloud: Max HP 8009C766 270F
Cloud: Infinite MP 8009C768 03E7
Cloud: Max MP 8009C76A 03E7
All Limit Attacks(everyone) 8009C75A 02DB 8009C8E6 02DB 8009C7DE 02DB 8009CA72 000D 8009CB7A 02DB 8009C96A 02DB 8009C862 02DB 8009CAF6 02DB 8009C9EE 02DB
Ultimate Code With this code, 300f83e3 0001 it makes you invincible and 300f844b 0001 you press L1+L2+Square to fill 300f84b3 0001 up your limit break. d0062d78 0085 800f5e6A 00ff d0062d78 0085 800f5e9e 00ff d0062d78 0085 800f5ed2 00ff
Have all items 50006902 0001 8009cbe0 c600 5000c002 0001 8009cCb2 c680
999999 AP After Every Battle 8009d7dc e0ff 8009d7de 05f5
Raise Aries from the Dead (Disc 2, 3) 8009cbde ff03
Debug Mode 8009a05c 0041 8009abf6 0041
Infinite Gil 8009d260 ffff
Quick Level Gain 8009d7d8 ffff
All characters absorb all elemental damage 8009D88E 01FF 8009DCCE 01FF 8009E10E 01FF
Quick limit bar gain in battle D00A1450 5E68 800A1450 00FF D00A1452 9422 800A1452 2402
Time in Menu stops 8009D264 0000
to Save Anywhere 8009D2A6 0000
No Random Battles (World Map) 8011627C 0000
No Random Battle (Elsewhere) 8007173C 0000
Turn Any Growing Chocobo Into a Gold Chocobo 8009BC4E 0400
Overworld music modifier code 801159E0 00-- Normal 01 Chocobo Music 02 Highwind Music 03 Battle Music 04
Infinite Laser In The Gold Saucer Speed Square 800D1C5C 0080 (Use This Only In Gold Saucer Or Game May Freeze)
GP Guy Always There (In Gold Saucer) 30075530 0001 D01FFE28 0024 8007552c 010C D01FFE28 0024 8007552E 010C
Ultra Fast Music 80062F78 00FF
Ultimate Weapons Codes

20th Position 8009CC06 C68F 21st Position 8009CC08 C69F 22nd Position 8009CC0A C6AF 23rd Position 8009CC0C C6BD 24th Position 8009CC0E C6C8 25th Position 8009CC10 C6D6 26th Position 8009CC12 C6E4 27th Position 8009CC14 C6F1 28th Position 8009CC16 C6FE (Note: 1st You must start a new game with these codes or they will not work
2ndThese codes will place all nine characters ultimate weapons in 20-28
slots in your weapons menu and 3rd, the supply of these items will never run out unless you turn
off your gameshark)
29th Position 8009CC18 C647 30th Position 8009CC1A C648 31st Position 8009CC1C C649 32nd Position 8009CC1E C64A 33rd Position 8009CC20 C64B 34th Position 8009CC22 C64C

35th Position 8009CC24 C606
Master Materia, Long Range, and Mega All Codes

21st Position 3009CEB0 0030 22nd Position 3009CEB4 0049 23rd Position 3009CEB8 005A 24th Position 3009CEBC 000B 25th Position 3009CEC0 00OC
(Note: Like the items, the supply will never run out unless you turn your
gameshark off, which means you can equip all nine characters with
their materia, however, you need to start the game over for the codes to work.