Emmy-Ruby Strategy

This is the Personalized Emmy-Ruby Strategy. This is probably the most effective Emmy-Ruby strategy there is.
The people you want to use are Cid, Cloud, and someone else with a lot of slots and a Double materia Growth. Equip the Apocalypse and Mystile on Cloud. Equip the Scimitar and Wizard Bracelet on Cid. Equip the Double growth weapon and another Wizard Bracelet on whoever else your going to use.(You can Steal a Wizard Bracelet from the Ostrich-like creatures in the Ancient Forest).
OK, we start out with equiping a Mime, KOR paird with HP Absorb, Phoenix paired with Final Attack, and a W-Summon on Cloud. You also want everybody's HP at 9999 and Cloud's MP at 999. Via MP and HP Pluses bought at Cosmo Canyon. The rest of the slots you want filled with whatever materia you want to level up. Equip your best accesories(not ribbons, cause Emerald does not do any poison/ailment damage). Make sure you have a master Command or Mime Materia on the other two. Now fill their slots with whatever you wanna grow.
Ok, now we start on our quest to beat Emerald Weapon. Go into battle in the Junon area. Attack Cloud(YES CLOUD, you'll find out why later) and Make sure his HP is under 154. Now use the Cat's Bell to get it back up to 154 EXACTLY(walk around the HighWind or somewhere where there are no battles). If you overshot, you gotta start over. Now, if you got it right, go into battle and use the Enemy-Skill Laser to get Clouds HP to 77. Now use 15 Hi-Potions and 2 Potions. NOW, you can go into battle with Emerald. First thing first, let the attacks go, there not a flaw, they just happen when you get the HP 7777. Now, use KOR to attack with a Double Summon. Mime this with each character. It will take 6-7 single attacks of KOR to destroy him, but since you have the Double Summon, It will only take four turns max. and, if he kills you, you revive again with the Final Attack and Phoenix. After you beat him, you can take the Earth Harp to the guy in the attic of that building in Kalm, and he will give you a complete set of master materia.
Then you can do the same to Ruby, except equip ribbons(you can get them by morphing Ho-Chu, the guy in the second level of the Secret Duel)and don't do the Lucky 7 thing on him, it won't hurt a bit and Equip the Master Summon, magic, and Command on Cloud. Enter battle with two of your characters dead, then once Ruby sticks its tentacles into the ground, use the KOR W-Summon to start it off. Then start to Mime it again. After about maybe 10-20 times(it depends how strong your KOR is) it will die. You can take the Desert Rose to the Kalm Traveler for a Gold Chocobo.

Cloud looks up at Shinra HQ

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