Hidden Characters

Diamond Weapon getting ready to fire

Ok, we have all heard the rumors of two hidden characters in this game, possibly more. The truth is, that there ARE two hidden charcters, their names are Yuffie and Vincent.

You find Yuffie in the first disc, in the forest south of Cosmo Canyon, just across the river. When you first meet her, it will be in a battle. After you beat her, she will say if you want to fight her again, or rather challenge you, actually. This is how you answer her "Not interested", "...petrified","Wait a second","that's right",and "Let's hurry on". Then you get to name yuffie.

Vincent is in the Nibelheim Mansion. First, you must open the safe. If you believe you are smart enough to find a way to open the safe, first i must tell you that there are four numbers, not three. second, i must tell you to stop reading here. Now, for those of you that want to hurry it up, the combination is Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. You must do this quickly, because you have a twenty second time limit. I suggest you heal before this, because there is an extremely hard boss now. If you can manage to destroy him, get the key and the Odin summon materia. Go to the basement, and open the door that you could not open before. It opens and you wake vincent. Respond to him like so: "Talk about Sephiroth". (when his coffin closes, press O to open it again) "who are you?". Then try to leave the cavern and he will join you.

Call upon Ramuh to do a lightning attack

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