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Enemy Skills are specific skills that the Enemy has used on you, and you be able to use them on other creatures. HINT: when trying to get an Enemy Skill, it is better that you Manip. them and select the desired spell. Some creatures cannot be Manipulated, but I will specify on those kinds of creatures.

Enemy Skill 1. Frog Song-casts "toad" and "sleep" on all enemies. Learn from frogs(Touch Me) in circular forest surrounding the place where you find the Titan materia.
Enemy Skill 2. L4 Suicide-does high percent damage to enemies with a level divisible by four. Learn from the brown squirrels(Mu) near the chocobo farm. You cannot control this enemy.
Enemy Skill 3. Magic Hammer-Takes 100 MP from one enemy. Learn from plant like monsters(Razor Weeds) North of Wutai.
Enemy Skill 4. White Wind-gives everybody HP, amount of HP gained depends on the amount of HP the caster has. Learn from guy with big wings(ZemZellett) near Junon.
Enemy Skill 5. Big Guard-Casts Haste/Barrier/MBarrier on all allies. Learn from spiky shelled creature with tentacles sticking out(Beach Plug). Must manip. this creature to learn this skill.
Enemy Skill 6. Angel Whisper-Revives dead allies and cures them. Learn from the women in yellow swimsuits(Polan Solita) at the left fork of the Northern Crater the first time you meet all your friends.Must Manip this enemy.
Enemy Skill 7. Dragon Force-Increases Strength/Magic during battle.Learn from dragon with big wings, takes up practically half the screen(Dark Dragon), must manip. this enemy.
Enemy Skill 8. Death Force-One ally that you select becomes immune to INSTANT death.Learn from huge turtles(Adamantaimai) at the Wutai beach area. Must manip. this enemy.
Enemy Skill 9. Flame Thrower-A weak fire attack, good only for the begginning of the game. Learn from flying yellow monsters(archdragon)in mythril mine.
Enemy Skill 10. Laser-Reduces one enemies HP by half. does not work on bosses. Learn from Death Claw in Corel Prison or learn from the dragon with the big wings, that takes up practically half the screen(Dark Dragon).
Enemy Skill 11. Matra Magic-Shoots missiles at all enemies for elemental damage. Learn from guy with big feet and guns for arms in Midgar area.
Enemy Skill 12. Bad Breath-Does Confuse/Frog/Mini/Silence/Poison/Sleepel on all enemies. Does not work on bosses. Learn from green guys with really big mouths and tentacles for feet(Mobor) in Gaea's cliff.
Enemy Skill 13. Beta-Fire Damage on all opponents. Learn from big snake in the marshes(Midgar Zolom). wait until it zaps one of your dudes, then he will attack within the next few rounds.
Enemy Skill 14. Aqualung-Water damage on all enemies. Learn from Harpy in Golden Saucer desert.
Enemy Skill 15. Trine-Lightning damage on all enemies. Learn from Materia Keeper and Silve in Gaea's Cliff.
Enemy Skill 16. Magic Breath-Does Fire/Lightning/Ice damage to all enemies. Learn from parasites in Northern Cave, Stilvein Gaea's Cliff.
Enemy Skill 17. ????-Does damage equal to amount of damage caster has taken in that battle. Learn from Judges in Shinra Mansion and Behemoth in the tunnels
Enemy Skill 18. Goblin Punch-Inflicts physical damage. Learn from Goblin on Goblin island.
Enemy Skill 19. Chocobuckle-Does damage equal to number of times you have ran away in battle times 4. Feed a chocobo 3 Mimmett Greens and then use L4 Suicide on it after you have killed off all enemies.
Enemy Skill 20. L5 Death-Casts instant death on enemies with a level divisible by five. Does not work on bosses. Learn from parasites in Northern Cave.
Enemy Skill 21. Death Sentence-Gives 60 second timer, when the timer is up, the enemy is instantly killed. Does not work on bosses. The guy with the spear in the Cave of the GI.
Enemy Skill 22. Roulette-One person, ally or enemy, is randomly killed. Learn from Death Dealers.
Enemy Skill 23. Shadow Flare-Does an extreme magic attack on one enemy. Learn from Zombie in Northern Cave, Ruby, or Ultimate Weapon
Enemy Skill 24. Pandora's Box-Does an extreme physical attack on one enemy.Learn from Zombie in Northern Cave.

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