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Limit Breaks

Squall's Limit Breaks are gained by gaining new weapons throughout the game.

Quistis's Limit Breaks are gained by using one of the following items on her:

Item Attack it teaches Where it is found
            Laser Eye Start with it
Spider Web Ultra Waves Defeat/Mug Caterchipillar or Refine from Caterchipillar Card
Coral Fragment Electrocute Defeat/Mug: Blitz, Creeps, or Cockatrice or Refine from Creeps Card
Curse Spike Lv? Death Defeat/Mug: Forbidden, Imp, Malboro, Tri-Face or Refine from Tri-face Card
Black Hole Degenerator Defeat/Mug: Gesper, Wendigo or Refine from Diablos Card or Gesper Card
Water Crystal Aqua Breath Defeat/Mug: Fastitocalon-F, Fastitocalon, Chimera, Grand Mantis or Refine from Fastitocalon-F or Fastitocalon Cards
Missile Micro Missile Defeat/Mug: Death CLaw, GIM52A
Mystery Fluid Acid Defeat/Mug: Gayla or Refine from Gayla Card
Running Fire Gatling Gun Defeat/Mug: Iron Giant, SAM08G or Refine from SAM08G Card
Inferno Fang Fire Breath Defeat/Mug: Hexadragon, Ruby Dragon or Refine from Ruby Dragon Card
Malboro Tentacle Bad Breath Defeat/Mug: Malboro or Refine from Malboro Card
Whisper White Wind Defeat/Mug: Adamantoise
Laser Cannon Homing Laser Defeat/Mug: Behemel, Elastoid, Mobile Type 8 Bis
Barrier Mighty Guard Defeat/Mug:Behemoth or Refine from Behemoth Card
Power Generator Ray-Bomb Mug(rare): Blitz or find in the Lunatic Pandora
Dark Matter Shockwave Pulsar Refine from 100 Curse Spikes when G.F. Siren is at Level 100
Selphie's Limit Break is Slots. The type of magic you use depends on luck. If you do not like the spell, then press "Do over" to try again.

Zell's Limit breaks are gained by reading the Combat King magazines. These are their locations:

Combat King 001: First floor of D District Prison
Combat King 002: Defeat Fujin and Rajin
Combat King 003: Girl who has a crush on Zell in Balamb hotel
Combat King 004: Second visit to Esthar, from Esthar soldier Combat King
Combat King 005: Lunatic Pandora as Squall
Note: All of the Combat Kings can be bought at the Esthar book shop with Tonberry's Familiar ability.

Rinoa's Limit Breaks are gained by setting the type of trick you want Angelo to learn, then walking around with Rinoa in your party. New tricks can be learned by reading certain magazines. These magazines are:

Pet Magazine #2 Found on Rinoa's bed in the Forest Owl Train. Teaches Angelo Angelo Recover
Pet Magazine #3 Bought at Timber Pet Shop. Teaches Angelo Invincible Moon
Pet Magazine #4 Bought at Timber Pet Shop. Teaches Angelo Angelo Reverse
Pet Magazine #5 Bought at Esthar Pet Shop. Teaches Angelo Angelo Search
Pet Magazine #6 Bought at Esthar Pet Shop. Teaches Angelo Wishing Star

Irvine's Limit Breaks are determined by the typed of AMMO you select from your inventory.
Normal AMMO : can be refined from 1 screw. 1 screw=8 Normal AMMO
Shotgun AMMO : can be refined from
Fast AMMO : can be refined from 1 Normal AMMO or 1 Shotgun AMMO. 1 Normal AMMO=1 Fast AMMO, 1 Shotgun AMMO= 2 Fast AMMO
Fire AMMO : can be refined from 1 Fuel, 1 Bomb Fragment, or 1 Red Fang. 1 Fuel=10 Fire AMMO, 1 Bomb Fragment=20 Fire AMMO, 1 Red Fang=40 Fire AMMO
Dark AMMO : can be refined from 1 Poison Powder or 1 Venom Fang. 1 poison powder=10 Dark AMMO, 1 Venom Fang=20 Dark AMMO
Demolition AMMO : can be refined from 1 missile, 1 Running Fire, or 1 Cactus Thorn. 1 missile=20 Demolition AMMO, 1 Running Fire=40 Demolition AMMO, and 1 Cactus Thorn=40 Demolition AMMO.
AP AMMO : can be refined from 1 Sharp Spike or 1 Chef's Knife. 1 Sharp Spike=10 AP AMMO, 1 Chef's Knife=20 AP AMMO
Pulse AMMO : can be refined from 1 Laser Cannon,1 Energy Crystal ,or 1 Power Generator. 1 Laser Cannon=5 Pulse AMMO, 1 Energy Crystal=10 Pulse AMMO, 1 Power Generator=20 Pulse AMMO